Thursday, May 23, 2013

Allowing Space, Allowing Peace.

Have you ever noticed how rapidly we live our lives? Some days it’s hard to remember what we had for breakfast or lunch or if we ever ate breakfast at all due to our speedy natures. It’s hard to feel satisfied and calm in the river of life’s rapids.

Being busy is unavoidable in modern American society; however, the effect of chronic busyness can be moderated with meditative awareness. No need to stop or even to slow down your pace, although you will find yourself feeling less hurried after some time with this practice.

There are several ways to remember to pay attention.

1. Set your cell phone to go off at regular intervals using the calendar alert function

2. Create a habit of paying attention using already existing time landmarks in your day. For instance: meals, gym, walking pets, etc.

3. Build associations in your mind, for instance, when you see a stop sign or a traffic signal “tune in” pay attention to the moment you are in.

Before long, you will notice your capacity for paying attention will increase as will the moments of your life that you are present for. With this practice in place, the pace of your life will begin to be perceived from the vantage point of your presence. Life, no matter how frenzied, will be experienced, moment by moment. Allowing space, allowing peace…

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