Monday, June 24, 2013

Finding the Edge of the Box.

Did you know that you are in a self-created box? Even a great spacious box is still a box. Our boundaries, the borders we define and those defined by our society, parents, friends, peers, professions and others are the fences that keep us in and keep change at bay. In some extreme cases, change can be impossible to perceive due to the “box”.

So how can you begin to find your edge or fence? In order to know what defines your specific box you must be willing to accept. Meditation can help, of course! By paying attention to your own limits, that being the “I can’t” or the “that’s not how the world works” or even “yes” or “no”, you will soon reveal the very borders separating “you” and the “outside of you” opportunities.

This involves honesty and courage to accept unknown boundaries. Some regard for safety and moderation are in order!

The first step is to draw a circle, quite literally, around what you cannot accept. Then write the things or find photos of the things you cannot accept and place them outside the circle. This is your visual reference point. Each day say to you “I accept…” and then name what you have written or have placed a photo of. As you practice this, you will find these things become acceptable and your circle will widen. This is practice that has no time limit and you can choose to change what you accept or reject at anytime.

Enjoy this practice; expand your box by expanding your circle of acceptance.

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