Saturday, July 13, 2013

Meditation, A Useful Every Skill.

Meditation is a skill that you can develop and begin to practice today. This valuable skill can be universally applied to every situation or circumstance in your life regardless of how intense or how sublime the experience. This skill will continue to bring peace and balance to your life.

Meditation: the act of focusing attention. According to meditation is : “continuous calm thought upon some subject”. Meditation is just that and nothing more. Meditation is straight-forward and basic.

By training your mind to pay attention, to focus, on the present moment, you will reap the benefits of balance and health. Meditation, practiced daily, is useful to your life and beneficial to your health and well-being.

You may ask, what do I need to know or possess in order to begin to meditate? How useful is this skill? How practical is this skill? The answers are uncomplicated. You need your mind and your breath. These are things that you have with you everywhere, right? So meditation is very practical.

If you are able to pay attention to breathing in and breathing out, also noticing the space between breaths – you can notice the moment that you are in – right here and right now. This moment is called the Present Moment. It is the most important moment to any human being. It is the only moment we have to truly make a choice and live life fully and completely. Many of us miss this opportunity because we stay lost in our thoughts and distractions.

Think about how well you stay in the present moment when you are walking or exercising?

How about when you are doing chores or habits that you repeat unconsciously?

It’s very easy to let our minds wander aimlessly to the future or to the past – when we do this we are not present – it’s like we are in our bodies moving through life but we aren’t available to perceive everything or act in the here and now.

When using the breath as a meditation tool, we will have all that we need to focus our attention anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances. Just breathing… in breath… pay attention…breathe out…. Pay attention… Eventually, with practice, we begin to experience our thoughts differently. We become an “active listener” to our own thoughts. We become an observer, paying attention to our thinking. We have the opportunity to discover that thoughts are not solid or fixed. We have the chance to discover what’s true and what is false thinking. We can begin to listen to our thoughts and not become distracted or side-tracked by them. With attention, and consistent practice, we can dissolve heavy handed thoughts such as our inner critic, strong attitudes or conditioning from our childhoods. Meditation practice can take place while we are going through our daily activities, having our ordinary thoughts. This is how simple meditation is.

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