Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's the journey...

Hello everyone,

I've been on the most amazing journey with a group of Sun City West residents the past four weeks. I just want to thank all those who braved coming out and going against the social norm at the local walking track! We did so much more than simply walk and breathe. We met every Monday evening for one hour and walked together in mindful silence. This is a Walking Meditation Program that I have designed for all ages and levels. You may have heard of it?

This program began at the Arrowhead Mall (early mornings) in 2011. Many people enjoyed the relaxed "drop in" structure of the program at the Mall. Sun City West Recreation's Explore! program director suggested a more organized and focused structure so we decided on the four week format. It worked out perfectly!  This program is very flexible.

The first part of the walk gives the participant an opportunity to calm, relax, and ground as well as connect with the energy of the group. Along with walking we perform a breathing technique that is cued with a bell. The bell is rung randomly.

The second part of the walk focuses on different styles of meditation such as visualization, relaxation, and mindfulness - using the bell again as a cue to relate to thinking during this part of the program.

Thus we employ and focus on both of the two main ingredients of meditation - breathing and thinking.

Now I have something to ask all of you... a favor. SCW Explore!, due to the way classes are scheduled, will repeat this program again in 2015 - and I was not able to continue my contract with the Arrowhead Towne Center Mall due to a change in management's priorities. So finding some continuity presenting this program to the community is my greatest challenge and one I will need your help with.

RESIDENTS: Ask for a Walking Meditation Program at your local community facilities which have indoor walking tracks (or can accommodate walkers like a mall). - give them my phone number :-) 602-309-1915

COMMUNITY FACILITIES: If you have an indoor track and would like to have Walking Meditation - please call to schedule a consult and contract me in to instruct your group/residents/students!!

One of the greatest challenges of building a meditation practice is PRACTICE... often we will come to a class or group and maintain a practice or hobby but have a hard time doing it alone. Please help me keep this Walking Meditation Program available in the community with your referrals.

Thank you ~

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