Saturday, April 30, 2016

Top Five Benefits of Meditation

Meditation: Top Five Benefits.  
By Beth Cornell
Do you believe that making things more complicated is going to result in higher quality, faster and better results, and less stress?
If so, you are one of the billions of humans who share this false belief. Through the course of my 20+ years of meditation practice, I have experienced higher quality, faster and better results, and less stress derived from a very simplistic meditation practice.
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Meditation is not complicated, doesn't require expensive accessories, books, a quiet space, a strict schedule, the ability to sit still or any "special" ability, it doesn't require a major investment or sacrifice of anything you currently have or don't have.
Meditation requires only you, your mind and your breath. Engagement with what is, it really is that simple.
Please allow me to inform, persuade, and invite you to meditate for YOU. 
The top five benefits of developing a meditation practice that works for you are:
1. Decreased stress and anxiety.
2. Increased health and well-being, immunity boost.
3. Increased mental clarity and focus.
4. Emotional self-regulation - ability to process strong emotions.
5. Increased vital energy, physical and mental stamina.
I encourage you to begin a meditation practice today! I'll be walking in peace Sunday May 15 at Heritage Park/Marley Park from 8:30am-9:30 am - won't you join me, it is FREE. All levels welcome.

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